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Scientific classification

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Common name(s): Poplar Hawk-moth

Synonym(s): Sphinx populi,Sphinx tremulae,Merinthus palustris,Smerinthus borkhauseni,Smerinthus roseotincta,Amorpha populi angustata,Amorpha populi depupillatus,Amorpha populi flavomaculata,Amorpha populi lappona, Amorpha populi pallida,Amorpha populi philiponi, Amorpha populi suffusa,Laothoe populi albida, Laothoe populi basilutescens,Laothoe populi bicolor, Laothoe populi minor,Laothoe populi moesta, Laothoe populi pallida,Merinthus populi salicis, Smerinthus populi cinerea-diluta,Smerinthus populi decorata, Smerinthus populi ferruginea-fasciata,Smerinthus populi ferruginea, Smerinthus populi fuchsi,Smerinthus populi grisea-diluta, Smerinthus populi grisea,Smerinthus populi pallida-fasciata, Smerinthus populi rectilineata,Smerinthus populi rufa-diluta, Smerinthus populi rufa,Smerinthus populi rufescens, Smerinthus populi rufescens,Smerinthus populi subflava,Smerinthus populi violacea
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